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Bok Tower Gardens: A Peaceful Florida Retreat

Need an escape from the bustle and crowds of the Florida Theme Parks? I have the perfect place for you to visit. Bok Tower Gardens is nestled among the orange orchards of Central Florida in Lake Wales. It provides a peaceful escape for all ages with breathtaking garden landscapes, the Singing Tower with daily bell concerts, children’s garden, koi pond, nature trails and a historical mansion.


Fun: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (out of 5)

Difficulty: VERY EASY Easy Moderate Hard Very Hard


Distance: 0.1 to 2 miles, depending on where you go in the Gardens

Elevation gain: Small rolling hills and one larger hill to walk up to get to the tower.

Terrain: Mostly paved paths, grassy areas, sidewalk

Time: 1 to 3 hours

When to go: Anytime of the year, but go early in the day during the summer months.


  • ·Water

  • Snacks

  • Good walking shoes


Garden Admission

Garden admission includes everything but the Pinewood Estate tour.

  • $15 adults

  • $5 children 5 to 12 years old

  • Free for children under 5

Pinewood Estate Tour, plus Garden Admission:

  • $22 adults

  • $10 children 5 to 12 years old

  • Free for children under 5


  • Bathrooms

  • Restaurant

  • Gift Shop

  • Water fountain


Bok Tower Gardens was one of our Florida favorites while we lived there. We had an annual pass to Bok Tower Gardens at the same time as a Legoland annual pass. Our kids would frequently choose Bok Tower Gardens over Legoland. I think it is because the world feels different here.

There isn’t a rush to the next line or a ton of crowds but a peace, beauty and a slowed pace that my kids bloomed in. The goal of Edward Bok, the creator of Bok Tower Gardens was to create “a spot of beauty second to none in the country” where tranquility and peace were present.

The Tower

The center piece of Bok Tower Gardens is Bok Tower itself. We often joke that this tower looks like one of the towers in Lord of the Rings. It is 205 feet tall and is home to a carillon that consists of a 60 bell instrument that is played via feet on a large pedal keyboard.

You will hear bells ring at each hour and half hour and 30 minute concerts are played at 1 and 3 daily. There is a sitting area near the tower where a TV is set up to watch the performer actually play the instrument in the tower. The large brass door depicts the book of Genesis.

A mote surrounds the tower and contains a koi pond. You can buy fish food on the spot for quarter to feed these large fish. There is a reflection pond that holds the largest lilly pad I have ever seen. On one occasion we saw a fish chase a frog across the water and eat it whole.

There are gorgeous views near the tower of the surrounding orange orchards below. We often let the children just run in this shady grassy area and race from tree to tree. We had a special bench that we would sit on each visit.

The Gardens & Walking Paths

There are various gardens and walking paths to explore within Bok Tower displaying the Sub Tropical flora and fauna of Florida.


My kid’s favorite part of Bok Tower Gardens was the Hammock Hollow Children’s Garden. This area of the Garden and is specifically designed for kids to explore and imagine and I compare it to an outdoor children’s museum.

There is a fairy garden, a stage with dress ups, objects to climb on and jump from, xylophones to play, a small splash pad, hammocks and so much more. We could spend a couple hours just in this one area of the gardens.

Other experiences at Bok Tower Gardens include the visitor’s center, the endangered plant garden exploring Pine Ridge Trail and visiting the Pinewood Estates 1930 mansion.



  • Fun for all ages

  • Beautiful landscape, gardens and architecture

  • Daily bell concerts

  • Not expensive

  • Close to other Florida attractions


  • Can get crowded if visiting on a local field trip day --- One such day is usually Earth Day.


Bok Tower Gardens is located at 1151 Tower Blvd, Lake Wales, FL 33853 Lake Wales Florida. This is just 50 minutes south of Disney World.



Bok Tower Gardens


Legoland (25 minutes)

Circle B Bar Nature Reserve (40 minutes)

Disney World (50 minutes)

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