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Devil’s Gate Slot Canyon: Nevada

Updated: Jan 21

Devil’s Gate Slot Canyon is a small marble canyon for all ages to explore just beyond the Utah border in Nevada. Its’ smooth tall marble walls offer a cool and fun place to explore in the desert heat.


Fun: ⭐⭐⭐ (out of 5)

Difficulty: Very Easy Easy Moderate Hard Very Hard


Distance: 1 mile

Elevation Change: Around 50 ft.

Terrain: Marble, dirt, rocks, desert terrain

Time: 1 hour

When to Go: Anytime of the year when there isn’t rain or snow




No amenities at Devil’s Gate Slot Canyon.

Closest public amenities are at a gas station on the Utah/Nevada border 45 minutes away on U.S. 50. If you go on a tour of the Crystal Ball Cave there are bathrooms at the Bates Family Ranch which is about 20 minutes from Devil’s Gate Slot Canyon.


  • Good hiking shoes (there is slick marble in the slot canyon so shoes with good grip are helpful)

  • Water

  • Snacks


Devil’s Gate Slot Canyon is a small slot canyon located just beyond the Utah border in Nevada. This is a fun adventure to couple with Gandy Warm Springs and Crystal Ball Cave. It is also within an hour of Great Basin National Park.

This remote slot canyon is accessed via a series of dirt roads off of Highway 50. Follow my map below. After reaching the trailhead you will walk west about 0.25 miles to the beginning of the slot canyon.

The beginning of the slot has about a 15 ft drop and is slick because of the marble surface. I recommend having an adult at the top and then one in the middle of the drop to help the kids down.

You will then walk through this short but beautiful slot. The slot walls are smooth, curvy and tall.

I did a little climbing up marble walls.

The slot is less than a quarter mile and quickly opens back up to the desert. The kids roamed the desert for a few minutes before turning back around to hike back up the slot.

We used the same system to scramble up the 15 ft drop with an adult in the middle and then the top. This is a short slot canyon but worth the adventure if you are in the area.



  • Free

  • Fun for all ages


  • Remote

  • Short slot canyon


  • Marble can be slick inside the slot canyon

  • No amenities


Devil's Gate Slot Canyon, Nevada is located just beyond the Utah border near the ranching community of Gandy, Utah. Follow my map below. Close to an hour of this drive from Hwy 50/Hwy 6 is dirt roads.



Crystal Ball Cave (20 mins)

Gandy Warm Springs (15 mins)

Great Basin National Park (1 hour 20 mins)

Hermits Cabin (1 hour 50 mins)

U-dig Fossil Quarry (2 hours 20 mins)


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