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Abandoned Tintic Train Tunnel: Elberta, UT

The Tintic Train Tunnel also called the Elberta Slant Railroad Tunnel is an old passage created for the Tintic Range Railway to carry silver from the surrounding mines in south western Utah County. Although the railway no longer exists, the enormous abandoned tunnel and mine shaft near-by provide a fun place for families to explore.


Fun: ⭐⭐⭐ (out of 5)

Difficulty: Very Easy EASY Moderate Hard Very Hard


Distance: 0.1 to 1 miles, depending on where you park

Elevation Gain: Flat to train tunnel, up a small hill to mine shaft

Terrain: Dirt and rocks

Time: 30 minutes to 1 hour

When to Go: Spring, Summer, Fall




No bathrooms or water near the tunnel. The closest gas station is in Goshen, 8 miles away. Santaquin is about 15 minutes away and has restaurants and more gas stations. The town of Elberta has no amenities.


  • Water

  • Snacks


The Tintic Train Tunnel was a fun place for our family to explore. If you are in a vehicle with high clearance you will be able to drive right up to the tunnel. If you are in a lower clearance vehicle like we were, I recommend parking about 0.4 miles from the tunnel and walking the rest of the way, due to rougher dirt road conditions.

See the directions and maps section below for details. You can make this a loop by following the trail through the tunnel or around the tunnel, or you can just walk-back the way you came. We ended up walking just over a mile total, there and back.

We enjoyed a flat walk/hike from our vehicle to the tunnel. There are beautiful views of the surrounding valley and Utah Lake. Watch out for ATVs as you will be walking on frequently used ATV trails. At one point, we had to move are kids as a Jeep was coming down a hillside above the dirt road that we were walking on.

The tunnel is hard to miss. It is a large gaping hole in the side of the hill. It's about 100 yards long and obviously tall enough for a train to fit through.

Enough light enters the tunnel that you do not need a flashlight during daylight hours. We had fun walking through and imagining old trains carrying cargo.

A short walk from the tunnel, we also found an old mine shaft. It is located north-west of the north end of the tunnel along a hillside. The entrance is somewhat hidden from view behind a large boulder. We did take a light into this mine because it is very dark near the end. This is not a long mine shaft, probably only about 30 feet.

We spent about an hour total in the area walking and exploring. This would be fun to check out on your way to Delta, Utah or when exploring the nearby ghost towns like Eureka or Mammoth.



  • Easy for kids of all ages

  • Fun for exploring


  • Possibility of high ATV traffic


The tunnel is located just west of the town of Elberta, Utah. Off of highway 68 you will turn on Elberta Slant Road. You can use google maps and search Tintic Railroad Tunnel or Elberta Slant Road Tunnel to get to the tunnel. The main dirt road is easy to maneuver.

Off the main dirt road you need to continue along a smaller dirt road either by foot or by vehicle to the north for about 0.4 miles. This smaller road is more rugged, so we chose to park and walk the remaining amount. An SUV or truck would make it the full-way to the tunnel without a problem.


Here is a map to the Elberta Slant Railroad Tunnel. We parked just off the main road and then walked to the tunnel.


Eureka, an old mining town (15 minutes)

Paul Bunyan's Woodpile hike (40 minutes)

Old Sinclair Station, corner of highway 6 and highway 68 (10 minutes)

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